Architectural Cladding

Introducing the Architectural Cladding range, with four contemporary profiles; Standing Seam, Interlock, Snap Lock & Nail Strip to choose from.

They can be manufactured in an enormous range of materials and finishes, the external and internal cladding possibilities are endless for your next building development.

Colorspan Industries are able to manufacture your Architectural Cladding profiles in a range of materials including Zincalume®, Colorbond®, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper, Cor-ten and VM Zinc.

Standing Seam

Colorspan Industries' Standing Seam cladding system is suited to both roofing and wall facade applications; a flexible and adaptive cladding profile in that it is not limited to flat surface applications. It can be easily fixed to several different surfaces including curved, concave, convex, dome, conical and combinations of these to create wave effects. This makes the Standing Seam an exceptionally effective cladding profile for building structures with complex designs.

The profile itself comprises a wide recessed pan with a raised/ standing seam of either 25mm or 38mm in height. The overall effect of a structure covered by this cladding is a series continuous flowing thick bands neatly framed by thin ribs. This lends to a range of effects through a combination of light, shadows, the material used and finish to produce a dynamic visual impact.

Installation of standing seam cladding requires a firm and continuous support (usually plywood) that is ventilated from the load bearing structure to which it is fixed. The Standing Seam cladding sections are fixed using steel clips at a 300mm maximum centres which are fixed to the plywood. The profile incorporates a male and female rib which work together to lap each other and be crimped together to create a strong sealed joint which is ideal for buildings exposed to severe weather applications such as strong winds, heavy rain, coastal spray and snowfall.

Another advantage of using Standing Seam panels is that the pan width can be increased or decreased to suit between windows and door ways so that the ribs finish neatly along frames or shut lines.


Panel Module Sizes*
25 x 330mm [Rib Height 25mm]
25 x 530mm [Rib Height 25mm]
38 x 300mm [Rib Height 38mm]
38 x 500mm [Rib Height 38mm]

1000mm minimum to 6000mm maximum

16mm Plywood for Wall Cladding / 19mm Plywood for Roofing
Breathable waterproof building membrane

Application Direction
Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal

Building Type
New construction or retrofit/ renovation

Application Surface
Flat, Convex, Tapered, Curved, Conical, Concave, Domed

Minimum Pitch
3 Degrees

Material Finishes
Colorbond, Colorbond Metallic, Colorbond Ultra, VM Zinc, Zincalume, Copper, Cor-ten and Aluminium

- Dimensions are subject to manufacturing tolerance
- Specifications are general, you must check your local building codes for exact specification requirements
- *Custom sizes available on request, please call to discuss

Material Data

Colorspan Industries are able to provide Architectural Cladding in a wide selection of material types and finishes to meet both aesthetic and performance properties.

This ensures your project maintains design consistency without compromising on durability or functionality.

Colorspan Industries use Australian made Blue Scope Steel products including Zincalume®, Galvabond®, Colorbond®. Choose from the full Colorbond® range including Metaliic, or request a custom material or finish to achieve your desired results.

Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper, Cor-ten and VM Zinc materials are also available.


Material thickness availability:

  • Zincalume
  • Galvabond
  • Colorbond
  • Cor-ten
  • VM Zinc
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • 0.55mm
  • 0.55mm
  • 0.55mm
  • 0.70mm
  • 0.70mm
  • 0.70mm
  • 0.70mm
  • Size on Request