Architectural Cladding

Did you know?

Colorspan Industries are now manufacturing a range of quality architectural cladding products. The range comprises four contemporary design profiles; Standing Seam, Interlock, Snaplock and Nail Strip.

Unlike the recent fire disaster at London’s Grenfell Tower, which used composite panels (Aluminium coated panels with a flammable plastic core, known as polyethylene/ PE), Colorspan Industries’ architectural cladding panels do not contain any flammable materials. The cladding panels are fixed to the external facade via a substrate or metal battens, the latter making the entire cladding system non-flammable.

This makes Colorspan Industries’ architectural cladding system also a suitable choice for buildings prone to bushfires depending on the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating and building requirements to Australian Standard AS 3959 of that area. Furthermore, with the huge range of materials and finishes available including VM Zinc, Zincalume, Copper, Corten, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Colorbond, Colorbond Metallic, Colorbond Ultra and Galvabond; the design options to create invigorating, modern and warm facades for new or refurbished developments are endless.

Colorspan Industries’ architectural cladding systems are suited to a wide range of building facades including residential, commercial and industrial developments. They can be installed using different orientations such as vertical, horizontal or diagonal, which combined with the range of materials and finishes available; opens endless possibilities for unique and stunning architectural design effects.